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Sunday, October 17, 2010


SORRYYYYY for the extremely late late late post. Huge gap of time between this and the last one,I know -.- Apologies. \

Anyways,there was plenty going on lately so updates on our clubs first! :)

We recently won the BEST CLUB in our school,and boy were we surprised! It was indeed a proud moment for all of us. Kudos to the previous board; you guys did a marvelous-fantastic-uhmazinggg job!:)our special gratitude also to our oh-so-supportive teacher,Puan Roslina Tarmin. Hats off to you,teacher :) you're really great! we never would've gotten here without your support!

We also had our Interact Leadeship Training Seminar or in short,ILTS and we attended the Wesley Methodist School's Installations Day.

Dont worry folks,pics will be posted ASAP :)More updates to come! Ciao

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Il mio addio

In case you have no idea what that means, it means "My Goodbye" in Italian. This will be my final blog post for The Interact Times. After this, I will merely be a blog reader. -sigh- Let me tell you my story.

20th February 2006, I entered SMK Aminuddin Baki. It took my parents two months to finally gain approval from the Pejabat Pelajaran Wilayah Persekutuan to get me into SAB. That same day, I got the slip to choose co-curricular activities. I almost chose to join SABELS but with my cousin's advice, I decided to try something new.

I chose Interact.

To this day, I have NEVER regretted being in the club. I've learned lots of new things, found awesome friends, participated in FOUR IU Days, helped out with some projects along the way.... Basically, I really enjoyed the club.

Two years ago, in Form 3, I decided to try my luck. I went for the interview to select the BOD of 2008/2009 to apply as one of the Deputies. I was too scared to try out for one of the director posts. Apparently, the seniors saw potential in me and I was given the post of Sergeant-At-Arms.

As a newbie in the BOD, I tried my hardest to do my best but it wasn't enough. One of the seniors somewhat scolded me for not doing my best. When time came for the interview for BOD 2009/2010, I applied for the post of Secretary. To my horror, I developed a severe case of flu and tonsilitis. I even lost my voice! So, I had to skip the interview.

During AGM, I discovered that I was given the post of Publicity Deputy instead of Secretary. I discovered that I was the only fifth-former to be given the post of a Deputy. I was crushed. I wanted to quit Interact. I felt that maybe the seniors had been somewhat biased in choosing the new BOD.

But I stayed.

I wanted to prove everybody wrong. I wanted everyone to see how responsible I am. I want everyone to see that I can do well in the Publicity Department despite my shyness towards new people and my fear of public speaking. But I found my medium: The Interact Times. While this blog may not be known to all Interactors, it did serve a purpose. To me, at least. I finally came out of my shell.

And let me share you an accomplishment of both me and the club. With the help of the Publicity Director of Methodist Boys School KL; Joel Kuan, the two of us managed to do a good job in publicising this year's IU Day. And thanks from support from everybody, our IU Day was a success.

And so, here comes the moment I dread most. Here comes goodbye. Imagine if I had chosen SABELS back in form one? Imagine if I quit just because I hated my post? I would've never learned or gained a lot of life experience. To all Interactors, past and present: I would like to apologise if ever, i have offended you in anyway. To the new BOD, I hope you all will be better than the BOD of 2009/2010.

To Phoebe and Lisha, promise me that you'll take care of this blog better than I did. After all, this blog is like my own baby -sniff- :')


This is me, signing out for good. :')

P/S: You guys can still contact me through my Formspring or even visit my Tumblr :)

New Blog Member :)


phoebe here and i'm officially the new publicity director and i'll be taking over this awesome blog alongside my deputy,lisha. she's one of the many new members of the board of directors. i'd personally like to thanks the previous board of directors for doing such an amazing job with everything esp the IU Day! its been a greaat journey with you guys. we'll try our hardest to keep up with the awesome awesome previous board,kayh? this blog will be updated frequently so please open it all the time alrighty? :)

p/s: the blog can't be viewed by internet explorer so its advisable to open this thru mozilla or google chrome ;)


Friday, July 23, 2010

Photos, photos everywhere.

Apparently, I have retired. BUT, I still have a LOT of things to do before I pass this blog to our new Publicity team: Phoebe and Lisha.

Example, I am still uploading photos from IU Day and today's AGM to Photobucket. In case I forget, the albums are accessible through here.

There aren't many photos yet but keep checking. They should all be uploaded by before the 31st August. :)

Goodnight and [not officially YET] goodbye.

p/s; COME ON, you wouldn't think I'd LEAVE without writing a proper goodbye post eh?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Congratulations to new BOD 2010/2011

We chose you for a reason. We want you to be better than us. We want you to have a more successful IU Day. We want the blog to be WELL-PUBLICISED among Interactors. We want you guys to NEVER be looked down at.

As our parting words, some of us have things we'd like to say to you :')

Annabelle: A huga huga thank you to the BOD of 09/10 for giving us the best year of Interact so far. All the best to the new BOD!

Rocyie: To fellow interactors and new BOD 10/11, thanks for the day really. I really don't know where to start as the club has given me a chance to learn things that you can't get from the other clubs and have led me to knowing a bunch of amazing friends and partners. The ups and downs have taught us precious lessons and of course, strengthen our bonds. I will never forget anyone of you guys ESPECIALLY the upcoming BOD. Working with you guys was wonderful. My mate Annabelle whom I've known since Standard 4, you're the greatest president ever! Yuka, all the best ok? I'm sure you can do better than me. Crystal, being a treasurer isn't easy but I'll still love you no matter what!

Rupini: New BOD, I'm sure you guys will rock the club! Make sure Interact stays as the best club in SAB forever. I love you guys and goodluck!

Xian Jin: I have a lot to say to you but I just don't know where and how to start. I really love this BOD a lot, so please make me proud. Also, thank you for the birthday present aka the tissue box. I'll utilise it during your IU day next year. May the Interact spirit go on forever! :P

Farah: Dear juniors//BOD of 10/11. I challenge you to make our club, our IU day, our Comm Serve + Funding projects and our blog well-publicised and more successful. Publicity is a thing that SHOULD and MUST be done TOGETHER and not only by the Director and Deputy. To the form fours that I've known for years, I wish you all the best and I really love you all[yes, even the boys xP]! You know you can always count on any one of us outgoing BOD to help out in times of need. All you need to do is ASK :D

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Okay, so I just found out that EVERYTHING on this blog is TOTALLY jumbled up when viewed using Intrnet Explorer. Not quite sure about Safari and Opera but MAKE SURE YOU PEOPLE USE MOZILLA FIREFOX OKAY?

If I don't fix it ASAP, I'll get the incoming Publicity Director/Deputy to work on it. Til then, I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Alas, the reign of BOD 2009/2010 is coming to an end! [-sob- I don't want to retire from Interact Club! :(]

SO, dear darling juniors interested to apply for any post, COME FOR INTERVIEW TOMORROW. Be prepared and make sure you know all about Interact.

See you in the interview room!