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Sunday, October 17, 2010


SORRYYYYY for the extremely late late late post. Huge gap of time between this and the last one,I know -.- Apologies. \

Anyways,there was plenty going on lately so updates on our clubs first! :)

We recently won the BEST CLUB in our school,and boy were we surprised! It was indeed a proud moment for all of us. Kudos to the previous board; you guys did a marvelous-fantastic-uhmazinggg job!:)our special gratitude also to our oh-so-supportive teacher,Puan Roslina Tarmin. Hats off to you,teacher :) you're really great! we never would've gotten here without your support!

We also had our Interact Leadeship Training Seminar or in short,ILTS and we attended the Wesley Methodist School's Installations Day.

Dont worry folks,pics will be posted ASAP :)More updates to come! Ciao

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